How to report Ilham Aliyev`s Twitter account for harassment - by Yerkirmedia

  1. Log into Twitter;
  2. Visit Aliyev's page at OR by searching @presidentaz;
  3. Click the "wheel" icon on top right and select "Block or Report" link
  4. From the pop-up, select "This user is abusive" and then "Harassment" as the reason;
  5. From the Report page that opens up, select "I am being directly mentioned" and "I am being referenced in some other way" considering he is referring to Armenians in general in his abusive tweets.

    Also on this page, select "Someone on Twitter is engaging in harassing or abusive behavior", and answer "Yes" to the threat being one of physical harm.

    Enter Aliyev's username @presidentaz where it asks, and enter the link of one of Aliyev's 50+ tweets threatening war. My sugestion - 

  6. This page is a little longer, and also requires you to enter a description of the threat, then sign with your details. As Armenia doesn't appear as an option in the dropdown, you may have to select OTHER.

  7. Then click SUBMIT.

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