E-mail action: concerns over the recent death of Karen Petrosyan under Azerbaijani captivity

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Subject: concerns over the death of Karen Petrosyan under Azerbaijani captivity

We are writing to express our grave concern over the recent death of Karen Petrosyan

under Azerbaijani captivity. We have serious reason to believe that his passing is due

not to “heart and lung failure,” as claimed by authorities in Baku, but rather torture and ill


By all independent accounts, Mr. Petrosyan was an innocent civilian who accidentally

crossed into Azerbaijani territory near his border village of Chinari on August 7.

From the outset, his detention was marred by violations of basic humanitarian norms

and disturbing signs of abuse. Images of him being dragged by two masked men in

army uniforms were immediately distributed by the Azerbaijani authorities (a gross

violation of Article 13, Section 2, of the Third Geneva Convention), with erroneous

claims that he was a member of an Armenian commando unit.

The next morning, Petrosyan was pronounced dead.

Sadly, this tragic case is not an isolated incident. Several innocent civilians taken

captive by Azerbaijan over recent years have suffered a similar pattern of abuse,

public humiliation, and even death. Captives such as Manvel Saribekyan and Mamikon

Khojoyan, to name two of the other most recent.

This track record of systematic abuse makes the carrying out of an effective,

independent investigation into the cause of Petrosyan’s death even more essential.

We turn to you to ensure that a proper autopsy and investigation into credible

allegations of violations is carried out. The autopsy should be witnessed and verified

by an international experts and the subsequent information and documentation of the

investigation should be made available in a timely manner to the authorities of the

Republic of Armenia.

We also urge you to use your good offices to ensure that Petrosyan’s remains are

immediately returned to Armenia in compliance with international law. It has been more

than 10 days since his death, with authorities in Baku yet to repatriate the body. We

suspect that this prolonged delay may well be in order to cover up evidence of torture

and abuse.

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